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Professor Peter R. Slater


I am a Professor in Materials Chemistry at the University of Birmingham and Co-Director of the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage. I have more than 25 years research experience in the area of solid state/materials chemistry, ranging from battery materials to solid oxide fuel cells. In these areas I have published more than 250 papers in scientific journals, and I have written more than 15 invited review articles. My current research is focusing mainly on the development of novel ionic and mixed conductors for energy storage and conversion applications (e.g. Li/Na ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cells), including the use of novel doping strategies to stabilize new systems/improve materials performance.

I am also active in promoting research into new energy technologies to the general public, and in schools

My research areas include

  • New materials for Li/Na ion batteries

  • Recycling of Li/Na ion batteries 

  • New materials for use as electrolytes/electrodes in solid oxide fuel cells/electrolysers 

  • Novel anion/cation excess systems as new ionic conductors/magnetics materials​

  • General Solid State Chemistry: synthesis and characterisation of inorganic solids

pete award.jpeg

Faraday Institution Award 2023: A message from the group

At the 2023 Faraday Institution conference Peter Slater was recognised with the Researcher Development Champion Award for his outstanding supervision and mentoring towards early career researchers in their research and career path. He always goes above and beyond to support the wider research community from students to fellow professors. Congratulations Peter, this is a truly deserved award.

Recent Publications




  • Driscoll, L. L., Driscoll, E. H., Dong, B., Sayed, F. N., Wilson, J. N., O’Keefe, C. A., Gardner, D.J., Grey, C. P., Allan, P. K., Michalchuk, A. A. L., & Slater, P. R. (2023). Under Pressure: Offering Fundamental Insight into Structural Changes on Ball Milling Battery Materials. Energy & Environmental Science, 5196–5209.

  • Stockham, M, Dong, B, James, M, Zhu, P, Kendrick, E & Slater, P 2023, 'Rapid sintering of Li6.5La3Zr1Nb0.5Ce0.25Ti0.25O12 for high density lithium garnet electrolytes with current induced in-situ interfacial resistance reduction.', Energy Advances.

  • Xiu, J, Han, B, Gao, H, Chen, X, Chen, Z, Gong, S, Yan, X, Tian, W, Zhang, X, Chen, T, Feng, X, Chen, G, He, D, Deng, Y, Jin, S, Slater, P & He, Z 2023, 'A Sustainable Approach Using Nanocrystals Functionalized Green Alkanes as Efficient Antisolvents to Fabricate High-Quality Perovskite Films', Advanced Energy Materials.

  • Fordham, A, Milojevic, Z, Giles, E, Du, W, Owen, R, Michalik, S, Chater, P, Das, P, Attidekou, P, Lambert, S, Allan, P, Slater, P, Anderson, P, Jervis, R, Shearing, P & Brett, D 2023, 'Combining multi-modal non-destructive techniques to investigate ageing and orientation effects in automotive Li-ion pouch cells', Joule.

  • Price, J-M, Allan, P & Slater, P 2023, 'Optimising the synthesis of LiNiO2: coprecipitation versus solid-state, and the effect of molybdenum doping', Energy Advances.

  • Sargent, A, Henderson, Z, Walton, A, Spencer, B, Sweeney, L, flavell, W, Anderson, P, Kendrick, E, Slater, P & Allan, P 2023, 'Reclamation and reuse of graphite from field lithium-ion battery anodes via water delamination', Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • Harper, GDJ, Kendrick, E, Anderson, PA, Mrozik, W, Christensen, P, Lambert, S, Greenwood, D, Das, PK, Ahmeid, M, Milojevic, Z, Du, W, Brett, DJL, Shearing, PR, Rastegarpanah, A, Stolkin, R, Sommerville, R, Zorin, A, Durham, JL, Abbott, AP, Thompson, D, Browning, ND, Mehdi, BL, Bahri, M, Schanider-Tontini, F, Nicholls, D, Stallmeister, C, Friedrich, B, Sommerfeld, M, Driscoll, LL, Jarvis, A, Giles, EC, Slater, PR, Echavarri-Bravo, V, Maddalena, G, Horsfall, LE, Gaines, L, Dai, Q, Jethwa, SJ, Lipson, AL, Leeke, GA, Cowell, T, Farthing, JG, Mariani, G, Smith, A, Iqbal, Z, Golmohammadzadeh, R, Sweeney, L, Goodship, V, Li, Z, Edge, J, Lander, L, Nguyen, VT, Elliot, RJR, Heidrich, O, Slattery, M, Reed, D, Ahuja, J, Cavoski, A, Lee, R, Driscoll, E, Baker, J, Littlewood, P, Styles, I, Mahanty, S & Boons, F 2023, 'Roadmap for a sustainable circular economy in lithium-ion and future battery technologies', Journal of Physics: Energy, vol. 5, no. 2, 021501.



  • Murray, E, Zhou, Y, Slater, P, Smith, R, Goddard, P & Steele, H 2022, 'Atomistic simulation of helium diffusion and clustering in plutonium dioxide', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.




Working Papers

  • Gardner, D, James, M, Wright, S, Williams, J, Baldwin, O, Ball, T, Cooper, E, Monk, C, Driscoll, L & Slater, P 2023 'Feeling blue: utilising cation ordering to engineer the colour of apatite pigments', ChemRxiv.

  • Driscoll, L, Jarvis, A, Madge, R, Price, J-M, Sommerville, R, Schnaider Tontini, F, Bahri, M, Mehdi, BL, Kendrick, E, browning, N, Allan, P, Anderson, P & Slater, P 2023 'Phase-selective recovery and regeneration of end-of-life electric vehicle blended cathodes via selective leaching and direct recycling' ChemRxiv.

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